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years ago Andre, after he had collected years of experience in diverse clinics and practices, together with his then business partner, opened his first own Physio Therapy.
Guido, who was up until this point occupied as a solo dancer at the state theatre, finished his 13-year career as a dancer and began an apprenticeship as a movement therapist, masseuse and beautician. After finishing the exams Guido joined the practice. As classical dancer and later as qualified masseuse Guido had been occupied with bodies and movement, since he was seven years old – thus, almost his entire life – and has developed an outstanding instinct for the human body.
In a time of ever-increasing pressure at work – after a slowing down and achievement of peace – the longing for physical closeness and affection increases comparably. Body Workers, Andre and Guido, want to give you this closeness and affection with all their offers of Massage Services for men.
GAYMASSAGE-BERLIN offers you a retreat in relaxed surroundings to free you from stress, strain and daily trials so that you can be just who you are.
Body Workers, Andre and Guido, cordially invite you to share with them the joys and the delights of the male body.

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Guido Massage therapist

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Age: 39
Size: 175cm / 69"
Weight: 84kg / 185lb
Gender: male
Body: Athletic
Eyes: Blue
Body Hair: Smooth
Smoker: No
Sex: Gay
Safer Sex: PrEP

Guido was born in Bavaria – but he doesn’t speak a word of Bavarian, can, however, do an acceptable Swiss-German.

He is blond and blue-eyed, an early riser and impatient. He likes blowers and is also musically gifted otherwise. If he isn’t sleeping he never stops moving.
He is peace-loving, but likes it raucous, too. He can do splits and as a dancer is especially flexible in other places as well. He is always open for new things – particularly when they are big.

In his leisure time he pumps weights and in the swimming pool he swims butterfly. Guido has chosen a hobby full of passion as a porn actor for the labels TIMTALES® and FrankfurtSexStories®. If work allows, he likes going to the opera or a concert, and he likes tickling (the black and white) ivories himself.


Andre Massage therapist

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Age: 42
Size: 175cm / 69"
Weight: 89kg / 196lb
Gender: male
Body: Bodybuilder
Eyes: Green
Body Hair: Little
Smoker: No
Sex: Gay
Safer Sex: PrEP

Andre was born in Berlin – until years ago he lived in Mainz but still does not speak any word of ‚Määnzerisch’.

He is hard on the outside, but quite soft inside. He is a late riser, patient and very good with his hands. He has many hidden talents, and everything he does, he does it with true devotion, really biting into the details. He loves architecture and all beautiful things.
He does not like small talk, but in discussions he just can’t stop himself, always liking to get to the bottom of things.
He enjoys fine and delicate stroking, but with others he prefers to be much firmer.
He is constantly playing havoc with and repairing this homepage.

In his leisure time he pumps weights and always manages more than Guido. He likes relaxing to piano music, reading a book or lingering in a beautiful location.